Rejuvamax Plus- Beauty In a Capsule

rejuvimax Let's face it, with every passing year, our youthfulness declines. Our skin, once plump and well hydrated, thins and dries up. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear in the thirties. Finger nails begin to become more brittle, hair diameter lessens, and bones begin to lose strength and density. What if there was a supplement that could help bolster collagen production, thicken hair, skin, and nails and help the density of bones?

The University of Vrije in Brussels, Belgium conducted a study on a natural compound that had the potential to reduce the tell tale signs of aging. 50 women with photo-aged skin were chosen to participate in a randomized double blind study, which lasted for 20 weeks. Those who were administered the active ingredient were found to have a 19% reduction in skin roughness and a 30% reduction in the depth of micro wrinkles. The women's hair and nails from this same study also showed improvements in both strength and density.Another 4 month study done in London showed a 2% increase in bone density (compared to placebo) in the neck of the femur in women already taking calcium and vitamin D. What is this miracle ingredient? It is called Choline-stabilized Orthosalicic Acid (ch-OSA). Silicon is an element found in tissues of the human body, such as collagen. It is present in cereals and grains and vegetables in our diet. There is however, a problem with it being unstable, and thus unusable for the human body.

Alchemie' Rejuvamax Plus is choline stabilized and it remains stable and most importantly, bioavailable for the body to utilize. It helps the body to generate more collagen resulting in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, a thickening and strengthening of hair and nails, an increase of bone mineral density and flexibility, and connective tissue formation for healthy joints. It also contains Biotin, a B vitamin that supports healthy skin and hair and nail strength. All you have to do is take 1 capsule twice a day (which is the dosage that was used in all the studies) and have a nutritious and well-balanced diet.

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