Customized Aromatherapy

Essential oils obtained by distillation, are highly concentrated active ingredients derived from plant essences. Aromatherapy is a practice that dates back to the ancient civilizations of India, China, Greece, Egypt, and Persia. To get a sense of how concentrated and active these oils are, it requires anywhere from 50 pounds to several tons of plant material to distill a single quart of essential oil. Most essential oils available on the market are of poor quality. They are synthetic imitations or have been adulterated.

Essential oils have a diverse therapeutic action both internally and externally. They are antiseptic and germicidal, without harmful side effects. They can stimulate the regeneration of cells and blood circulation to the dermal tissues, increasing nourishment and oxygenation, speeding up the body's healing process. The essences trigger mental and emotional responses through the sense of smell, relating to the term "aromatherapy."

Essential oils can have a profound effect on the major systems of the body; i.e., endocrine, digestion, circulation, respiration, and integumentary (skin). Essential oils are speedily diffused throughout the body allowing deep penetration into the organs, thereby improving the assimilation and elimination of these organs. We incorporate essential oils into our treatments, customized to each of your special needs. We also blend formulas for home use. For instance, if one has issues with uterine cramping due to the menstrual cycle, an antispasmodic blend of oils will be combined to relieve the discomfort. If there is an issue, there is a blend. Many years of study have been invested in acquiring knowledge of essential oils and we have the expertise to blend essential oils tailor made for your specific health and beauty care concerns.

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