Alchemie Innovative Skin Care™

Alchemy, according to Webster's Dictionary, is defined as "the power of transmuting something common into something special."


Alchemie' Innovative Skin Care is a creation by Georgeann Dau Sc.D and her colleague Claudine Young. Its concept grew out of a 30+ year desire to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance for herself and her clients.She became interested in research on environmental influences, inflammation, and aging. As far back as 1990, Dr. Peter Pugliese wrote, "The effects of changing biochemistry on the organs and tissues are compounded by factors from the external environment. Everyday our bodies are bombarded by ultraviolet radiation, assaulted by free radical molecules, and exposed to a multitude of bugs, germs as well as natural and man-made toxins resulting in multitudes of inflammatory conditions. All of these interact with genetic "programming" to speed up the aging process. What is the bottom line of aging? Chronic (daily), invisible (sub clinical) inflammation, sustained over a lifetime, is the underlying cause of aging." And, thus we firmly believe that aging can be slowed and some forms can even be prevented.

Alchemie' Innovative Skin Care addresses all ages and all skin types. Restoring and protecting the lipid barrier, prevents trans epidermal water loss enabling the skin to keep its youthful, moist and "dewy" appearance. Alchemie's formulations have been clinically tested and approved. The unique layering system of blended antioxidants, peptides, and sea derivatives manages and reduces inflammation which, left unchecked, can result in acne rosacea, blotchiness, brown spots, premature aging, and and a loss of vitality. Alchemie' Innovative Skin Care will provide your skin the nutrients and support to help the skin restore and protect itself. Within a month after you begin your regimen, you will experience the "transmutation," and feel really good about the skin you are in!

The Philosophy That Drives Performance


1) We use performance ingredients at effective dose levels.

2) We use plant and mineral sources. Whenever possible, we select plant and mineral derived ingredients, not those from animals or petroleum. We choose multi-functional antioxidants, clinically tested peptides and plant extracts, stabilized vitamins and phytonutrients proven to be bio-available in scientific studies.

3) No harsh ingredients- We never use parabens, sodium laurel/laureth sulfate, mineral oil, bovine sourced ingredients, lanolin or propylene glycol. There are no formaldehyde releasing preservatives (you will never find imidazolidinyl urea, diazolidinyl urea, quaternium-15, DMDM hydantoin, or 2-bromo-2 nitropane-1,3 in any Alchemie' product.

4) Cruelty free testing. The only animals that are used to test our products are humans and this is done to make sure that the formulations work.

5) Stability testing- We stabilize the fragile ingredients (like vitamins A and C, or antioxidant rich plant extracts) to make sure they retain potency from the product to your skin. Broad spectrum microbiology, heat, cold, light stability, and container compatibility are tested to ensure maximum product stability and efficacy.

6) Dermatologist tested and ophthalmologist approved.

7) Ingredient efficacy testing- It is required that ingredient suppliers provide proof of efficacy before an ingredient is used in Alchemie' Innovative Skin Care.

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