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Coming Soon! Refine Regenerating Complex

At Body Naturals, we work closely with our lab in our commitment to provide the most effective skin care to bring out your skin's optimal health and beauty. Retinol or vitamin A, is an effective modality in preserving and improving the skin's structure, function, and appearance. Retinol increases cell turnover rate, improving the skin's texture. Lines are smoothed, pores are unclogged, and brightness is improved. It is beneficial for all age groups; in the younger group it helps with acne and in the others, it helps the skin to function and regain a more youthful state. While it is highly effective, retinol can cause irritation in certain skin types, that is why we are introducing Refine Regenerating Complex.

Refine Regenerating Complex is a time released retinol synergistically combined with active components. The addition of soothing extracts, some from licorice, counteracts any irritation, rendering it safe for sensitive skin. These combined technologies create an effective, yet gentle complex in comparison to other retinols on the market. It is gentle enough to be used near the eyes to reduce the appearance of crow's feet and whistle lines around the lips. Over the course of several weeks, age spots and lines will diminish and your skin will look brighter, smoother, and more youthful.

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