Adolescent Corrective Care

Extraction is an art that is sought after, but rarely mastered. After a combined 60 years of experience under the tutelage and supervision of experts before us, we specialize in the proper extraction of comedones and milia. There are very few practitioners that will go to the level of care and precision that we do. Your skin will never be cleaner! Most places do very few extractions and you will walk out dissatisfied that your skin still harbors those "bumps." That being said, we schedule enough time for proper extraction to occur. This is not a process that can take place in 45 minutes from start to finish! Dermatologists refer their patients to us to provide the extra care that they need.

Before the initial treatment, you will be asked to fill out a detailed intake form, which will include questions about diet and lifestyle. Your skin will be thoroughly analyzed and a treatment protocol will be devised based upon our findings. Nutritional supplements or an internal cleansing program might be suggested based on your intake form and the questions we ask you. Much of your session is about education, not only about your skin, but what you can improve in your diet and lifestyle to augment your results. Much of what we do here to correct your skin troubles is very dependent upon what is done at home.

After a thorough deep cleaning, recommendations about proper home care will be discussed. Proper product use is required for success. Not using a skin care program at home is akin to having your teeth cleaned at the dentist and not brushing your teeth daily! You can expect a vast improvement in the appearance of your skin over time. Acne is a chronic condition and it takes time to control. Many patients are pleased after the first treatment when blackheads and clogged pores are cleaned out. The skin will take on a healthier glow and it will appear smoother and less bumpy. A problem frequently encountered is acneic skin that is also sensitive. There are methods to prepare the skin and the comedones for easier, thus less irritating extraction.

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